Thursday, 6 February 2014

Colour My World with 2014 Trends

1. Turquoise – the colour spectrum of 2014 seems to be dominated by turquoise, the colour adds a bit of a Medditeranian feel to the home and lightens up any dull looking room!

2. Mirrors and reflections – it feels like a somewhat narcissistic trend that this year we will see even more of ourselves, bye-bye 2013 selfies and hello 2014 mirrors everywhere!
3. Brass – This will be a popular material this year, mostly common in the kitchen but can also be used for lamps and even bathtubs!

4. Light woods – After all it’s almost spring, and we are all looking forward to some warmer temperatures.. So why not prepare for it with lighter decorations! Chestnut is one of the favourites this season.
5. Patterns – This year we will see a lot of patterns, and patterns mixed with other patterns. 2014 there are no longer any rules, just go crazy and mix all your favourites!
6. Pineapples – Pineapples has been on the map for quite some time in the fashion world and now they have also entered the interior decorations world, prepare to see more of this yummy fruit.
7. Ethnical prints – Bringing a sense of being abroad into your home becomes popular this year according to the experts as ethnical prints and fabrics become a popular addition in our homes..

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