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We are inspired by the natural and colourful things that surround us everyday and are fueled by passion for design. Welcome to our little happy place. We laugh, we smile, we have fun a lot around here, we get the job done.  Our desk is probably hidden underneath a mess of our inspirations and dreams.  We do what we love and we love what we do, and for this, we consider ourselves very, very blessed. We hope to share our love with you!


Do what you love and 
never work a day in your life 

This is my mantra and why I pursued my passion for décor and design since 2002.  Majoring in design I bring a fresh, glamorous, and stylish approach to every facet of life. Being a wife and mother of three amazing children has empowered me with a purposeful sense of accomplishment and given me the drive to succeed in all tasks. Whether I’m decorating an intimate baby shower or re-designing a restaurant, I do them with passion, purpose and pride which is what makes me so successful today.

Dionne McKay

With my three wonderful children and my soul mate, I too love to make things pretty. I have a busy and hectic household, but it doesn’t mean I don't enjoy living in a picture perfect home. With the countless rooms I've designed and homes I've staged, my passion for decor continues to be fulfilled. I love a great bargain and easy-to-achieve projects that make a big impact. I don’t believe you have to have a huge budget to create a beautiful home. I believe amazing designs can happen with the right vision, ideas and an open mind. 

My mission is to be an outstanding source for fabulous design with new decorating ideas and unique perspectives in colour scheme and design.

Vanessa Small

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