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Chic decor acts as your guide to the design process from the very beginning, removing the fear and uncertainty that can make a home makeover seem so intimidating.  Rather than figuring out how to express your unique style color, furniture, fixtures, layouts and so much more by yourself, you can rely on us to offer choices specially selected to suit your sensibilities….saving you time and stress and money.

Design consultation: $150
Let us help you decide what the best direction for your space is. We'll spend an hour walking through your 
home; room-by-room or spend the time in one room exploring different design options.  Ask any question 
about; wall colours, furniture selection, window coverings, flooring and more. Consultations are perfect 
for clients who need inspiration to jumpstart their interior design projects.   Any additional time will be
charged $50 per/hr.

E- Design: $150 per room  
E-design is an affordable and personalized interior design service allowing you to create the room you’ve 
always desired.  You provide inspirational photos and measurements of the room(s), we create a 
customized plan to help you achieve the look you want on the budget you have.  You will receive a design
board, furniture plan, and all the other details (fabric, paint, furniture resources, etc.) needed to make it 
happen.  Once complete, you will have a picture perfect room.

Room Service: $400+ per room
Our full service interior decor is an all-inclusive service which includes on-site consultations, space planning, 
furniture arrangement, design concepts, finishes, furnishings, project coordination, management
and 3 hours of room set-up time. Full service decor allows the client to rely on Chic Decor to ensure that 
the project is completed to satisfaction.

Design Fee: $ 50 per/hr-  For any additional time needed for shopping, sourcing or setting up design projects.

Chic Decor Milton Family Room Design


Do You Charge For A Design Consultation?
Yes- We charge a flat fee of $150 for 1hour of consultation service, any additional time will be charged $50/per hour.  Following the Consultation if the client decides to hire us on, the Consultation fee is credited back to them. Please call our design studio for an appointment.

What Do I Get Out Of A Design Consultation?
CHIC DECOR will provide you with innovative design ideas to fit your space. Suggestions will be provided based on any questions you may have and what we see on site. Direction for paint colours, wallpaper, finishes selection, furniture placement, built-ins, window treatments, flooring, etc. will be offered Note: No physical samples are provided. This meeting is an ideal way to begin your project with CHIC DECOR or to go about your project on your own.

How Do I Prepare For A Design Consultation?
We normally ask that you send us images of your space ahead of time along with style images of interiors that appeal to your taste. This way we have time to review and prepare before we meet with you.

How Do You Charge For Your Services?
We have an hourly design fee structure. Any time spent on your project is logged and is billed monthly. When it comes to purchasing materials/furnishings, quotes are initially provided to you for your review and approval; then invoices are created.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?
No, we only accept payment in the form of cheques/cash.

Do I Have To Sign An Agreement For Your Services?
Yes, following the Design Consultation if you decide to hire us, a client agreement is drawn up between the client and CHIC DECOR. We require a minimum of 10 hours’ work on every contract.

Do I Have To Use Your Services For Everything, Or Just As Needed?
We are very flexible in that way and are happy to work with you ‘as needed’. You can work with us for the entire process or simply on a consultancy basis, providing consulting and advice and allowing you to make your own purchases.

Do You Work With A Particular Style?
We work with many different styles and prefer to help the client create their own signature style. Though the styles may vary, CHIC DECOR strives for creating timeless and harmonious spaces which are both functional and beautiful. CHIC DECOR is also known for mixing ‘high & low’ and ‘old & new’.

How Long Will My Project Take From Start To Finish? 
Every interior design project is unique and every timeline varies depending on the scope of work, the complexity of the project, the degree of customization and the level of client involvement.
For example: To complete one living room allow for 2-6 + months for all phases of the design process, planning, souring unique furniture pieces, delivery and deign set-up.


Your home is one of your biggest assets therefore when you want to sell it; you want to maximize your equity. Home staging is a marketing tool that helps you get the top dollar for your property. Statistic shows that staged properties sell much faster and at higher rates compare to un-staged ones. Chic Decor provides home staging for both "vacant" and "occupied" properties. Staging service can be completed 1 to 5 days.

Stage Coaching - 1.5 hour coaching without a Report:  $150. This is like the consultation service below but 
includes walking the property with the homeowner while the homeowner takes notes of the best way to maximize
the home's strengths while minimizing its weaknesses.  Any additional time spent after the 1.5 hour is $50/per 

Stage Consultation –
 2 hour consultation & detailed follow-up Report: $250.  It includes an exterior & interior 
walk-thru and assessment of the occupied property. We will help the seller to highlight the home’s strengths 
while minimizing its weaknesses through staging. We will take notes and photos to create a “To-Do-List”.  The 
specifications of this list will reflect the size and condition of the property. These changes may include improving 
furniture lay-out, de-personalizing & de-cluttering ideas, needed repairs, painting recommendations-(up to 2 
colors if needed), an overview of suggestions of how to best use existing furniture, art and accessories or 
recommendations of adding and/or replacing any furnishings and/or accessories. The seller may then decide
to perform the changes on their own, or hire Chic Décor to perform them. Any additional time spent after the 
2-hour consultation & subsequent report whether consulting or staging is $50/per hour. 

Vacant Staging – 
2 hour consultation,  assessment of property, sourcing furniture & accessory items for homes 
up to 2,500 sq. ft.:  $450, $100 additional for each 500 sq. ft.(*plus rental fees), or $250 for only the 
consultation, sample lay-out plan including recommended furnishings, and color-scheme with the client doing 
their own sourcing & placement. Chic Décor can be present at time of delivery for furniture and accessory 

placement for a fee of $50/per hour.

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